Your Hand Reveals Who You Are!

Our hands are more sensitively connected to the brain than any other part of our bodies, and can give away hidden secrets from our innermost being.

According to Hit the News a person’s thoughts can be hidden from us by a veiled expression, or we can be misled by words. But hands cannot lie.

To the educated eye, your hand shape can reveal who you are. Tell-tale clues in hands can give away a person’s genetics – whether you have low bred or upper class ancestry.

How can a horse breeder judge by looking at the fine long limbs of a horse, that it is a thoroughbred? How can he tell if it has class, and fleet of foot, necessary for winning at Ascot? By looking at the hands of course!



The thumb is very short and set low into the palm and is often described as ‘the Murderer’s Thumb’! Not a nice tag, although, to be honest, it is a pretty common thumb type.

How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreIn 2011 a survey was carried out, which involved the reading of 400 killers’ palms, and rather fascinatingly, they discovered that they all had a small thumb in common. Rules can be broken though. Today, many people who have this type of thumb would never dream of hurting a fly, let alone another person! The possessor of this hand shape will also tend to have a ‘bad’ temper, with a tendency towards violence and aggression. They have little or no ambition beyond eating, drinking and sleeping, wanting only to satisfy their most basic needs and instincts.



The hand is long, narrow and slender, with long tapering fingers, pointed fingertips and almond shaped nails. This type live in a world of dreams and idealism. How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreThey do not have a clue how to live among mere mortals. They are of a gentle nature and are slow to anger. Unfortunately, they can be easily deceived and influenced by others, which makes them vulnerable. They are dreamers of dreams.


I look at the shape of this hand and I see my own! This hand is easily recognized. It is long, bony and angular, and generally fairly thin with long fingers. It has longer looking nails or phalanges than the square hand. When the fingers are ‘Philosophic’ in shape, but the palm is square, this will add a practical foundation to the type. The Greeks knew that people like me were wise! How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreThey noticed that we are thinkers, and students with Philosophy in our blood! They may be great at accumulating wisdom, but rarely, if ever, wealth (that’s a pity). We are sensitive to the highest degree, and value the sanctuary of our mind like a hermit in meditative worship. Philosophics can appear aloof and prefer to keep ourselves clear of whoever we might consider to be part of the vulgar masses (sounds like I might be a snob? No, surely not!). We are poised and dignified, anti-materialistic and sometimes difficult to understand (I’m sure you could understand me if you tried). Mentally the Philosophical hand is one of the most developed, but will rarely accrue as much wealth as the square hand (shame!).


With the square hand you get ‘A Square Deal’! You get a square, dominant, long well-shaped thumb that stands out confidently, from the palm. You get square fingertips, who has this type of hand is square, but they are certainly level headed, practical and orderly in everything they do.

How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreSimilar to Mr Spock from Star Trek, they like all things logical. They are organized in their minds, as well as in their workplace. They are reliable, and make sincere friends, but will have some difficulty in showing affection. Not the most imaginative or creative of the hand types, but they do well in business and professional occupations, making good doctors, lawyers or scientists. And rather good at making money too.


They are brilliant talkers, and can be life and soul of the party. They can be lazy or selfish where their own comfort is concerned, yet generous in money matters.

How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You Are  Their preference for ease can prevent them making the most of their natural artistic temperament. The hand is generally soft and fleshy, but when it is firm, they are more likely to make an effort to achieve something, against their inherent, indolent nature.


The palm may be wider at the wrist than at the base of the fingers (or the other way around). If it is wider at the wrist, they can be more impulsive, and rash in temper, than the ‘wider at the base of the fingers’ combination, who will be more practical in work, and less impetuous.

How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreThe Spatulate hand belongs to inventors, creatives, engineers, originators and the unconventional. They are the opposite of square! Possessors of this hand type have incredible, irrepressible energy. However, if the hand is soft and flabby, the Spatulate traits may be dormant, and the energetic qualities of this type may be replaced with irritability, and frustration, along with a sense of inadequacy. This may perhaps be caused by a deep rooted feeling, that they are not achieving the work, goals and achievements normally attributed to their type.


This is a hand that is a hybrid and consists of all, or some, of the aforementioned hand categories, with a mixed variety of finger types. One tapered, one square, one spatulate and a hint of the idealistic.

How Your Hand Shape Can Reveal Who You AreThe all on one hand! A ‘Jack of all trades’. The drawback to this is that they will generally lose focus on a project, and forget its purpose. They are drifters, and rarely is there any chance for this type of person to develop any talent to its full potential.