Illegals Brutally Rape School Girl, Superintendent Says Opposing it is Racist

In the wake of a rape at Rockville High School in Maryland last week, Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith is accusing parents of “racism and xenophobia.”

The two men that did the attack are in the U.S. illegally according to Fox. The suspects r-ped and s0d0mized a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom.

Tucker Carlson reported tonight about a series of troubling emails sent by Smith to parents in his district following what Smith has called “the incident.”

Several parents from all nationalities responded with much concern, showing displeasure in the horrific act.

Smith fought back Thursday, not against the illegals that committed the crime, but rather the concerned parents, claiming that some parents’ reactions have “crossed the line.”

Smith stated that “racist, xenophobic calls and emails” will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police.

“While I know this tragic incident has become part of a national political debate, I want to remind community members that the lives of real students have been forever affected,” Smith wrote.

“While many have chosen to engage civilly in the conversation, far too many have crossed the line with racist, xenophobic calls and emails. MCPS is working with law enforcement to identify those who are making threats toward our students and schools. This behavior will not be tolerated in our community.”

Showing little concern for the parents and the victim, Smith really hasn’t said much about what has happened.

Instead, Smith seems speaks out much more strongly about so called “racist” parents who dislike what happened and the claims of xenophobia than he does about the 2 illegals whom attacked an innocent young school girl.

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