You Won’t Believe Why This Mother Tortured Her 14 Month Old Baby

bad mom

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A 26-year-old Wisconsin woman has been charged with one count of physical abuse of a child by torturing her own 14-month-old son.

The criminal complaint indicates that Jenna Schumacher brought her son to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on November 5th.

The child was admitted for chronic ear bleeding and perforated eardrums. The doctors indicated there was “no medical cause” for the ear injuries, and  they became concerned that this was an abuse situation rather than a medical one.

Doctors and a child abuse specialist agreed to monitor the child in his hospital room via video surveillance, and instructed Schumacher “not to place anything into (the child’s) ears.”

On November 14th, the video surveillance revealed that Schumacher entered the child’s room, reached into a pocket and pulled out a Q-tip.

The complaint indicates she “violently forces the Q-tip into (the child’s) right ear multiple times.

The child is seen crying, struggling, kicking his legs and trying to get away from the defendant. About a minute later, Schumacher is seen doing the same thing.

She initially denied her actions, but when confronted by the video surveillance, she admitted that she was violent towards the child because he looked like his father, according to investigators.

Schumacher told them “she began forcing Q-tips into (the child’s) ears around the same time she broke up with (the child’s) father.” Schumacher also told investigators that sometimes she “can’t stand to look at (the child) because he looks so similar to his father.”

‘It turns my stomach. It sickens me. It makes you shudder to think someone would take a blunt object and shove it into your ear canal. It sends chills up your spine.’ Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said.

After further examination, doctors indicated the risk of permanent hearing impairment for the child is high.

If convicted, Schumacher faces up to 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.

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