You Won’t Believe What Common Core Said About Abraham Lincoln

In a brief look at a “Common Core” aligned math lessons for elementary and middle school students that involved U.S. presidents and presidential elections several issues were found. Lightly they questioned “was the 2000 presidential election “fair”? Then goes even further by attacking Reagan, and even lists Lincoln’s religion as ‘liberal’.

Not only did they change Abraham Lincoln from a Republican to a liberal, they said that “liberal” was his religion.

One of the lessons is called “There is a Difference: Histograms vs. Bar Graphs.”

Math teachers using this lesson use various facts about presidents, including religious affiliation. The lesson plan offers as its “recommended” website for obtaining this information about American presidents.

linconl core

At the linked page, Lincoln’s religion was listed as “Liberal” until at some point, after several complaints, some unknown person at  changed this fictitious information.

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