Woman’s Fervent Video towards Anti-military Liberals Goes Viral


In this 2 part video (split because of file size) you will see a facebook user by the name of Emily Longworth give a heartfelt speech on her thoughts about the anti-military people in America.

Part 1

The members of our society who degrade our military and officers and blame everyone for their problems. Please help me pass this to the ones who need to hear it the most. This is the longest, most raw and most emotional video I have done. It’s worth the time to listen, especially the ending. Like, comment, share or simply listen.

Posted by Emily Longworth on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Part 2

According to Cost of War, the number of American troops who have died fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan totaled 6,802 as of April 2014. Those individuals came from every part of the United States and its territories, and the great majority were young men. Many were married, with children, and all left families with a lifetime of pain.

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