Who is more likely to molest a child? Could this be the truth? Homo vs Hetero


While listening to a debate on homosexuality and child molestation I heard both sides say that the other side is more likely to molest a child as opposed to the other.

Instead of just taking the side of the person that had the same ideas as me I decided to take a look at the facts.

In America 96% of all reported child molestors are male. One out of every three reported cases of molestation are against boys. In which boys are far less likely to report the assault.

That means one third of the reported molestations involve homosexual acts. To understand more clearly all you have to do is some basic math.

Between 1-3% of the population are considered to be living a homosexual lifestyle. One out of every three reported cases of molestations involve homosexual acts. Less than 3% of the population is committing one third of the molestations.
To break it down and simplify it, we can take 100 people. 3 of them are homosexuals. 97 are heterosexuals. That makes up for the 3%. Three kids are molested. 1 out of 3 are a homosexual type of molestation.

That means 1 out of the 3 homosexuals are more likely to molest as opposed to the 2 out of 97 heterosexuals.

homo vs hetero

Here is a chart that gets in more detail on the matter. You can do the math and see for yourself. Whether you are for or against the push of homosexuality on America you must sit back and think on all the facts. This in just some of the information that is suppressed by society.

How do you feel on the issue?

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