Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak comes out NOT GAY on Twitter

not gay

In a life altering event, Pat Sajak, who has been presenting contestants with puzzles on TV’s Wheel of Fortune since the early 80s, has posted a puzzling tweet on his Twitter page.

The game show host tweeted: ‘Damn the career consequences! I’m hereby proclaiming my heterosexuality!’

That’s right! Sajak, 67, has finally admitted to everyone that he is NOT GAY! The publicity of his heterosexuality has not landed him any special calls from Obama or his wife Michelle. They seem to favor other groups more than the one Sajak is in.

Pat Sajak did not follow up with any kind of explanation but the timing of the tweet comes at a time when an increasing number of people in entertainment and sports are getting a lot of attention for coming out publicly.

He has received several hate messages from heterophobic bigots that are verbally throwing stones at him for his heterosexuality.

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His tweet has gotten plenty of reactions from followers including some politically correct followers that were not amused.

‘Seriously, mocking gay people? Is that all you got?’ wrote one.

Another reacted by tweeting: ‘Because I have a lot of gay friends that got dumped by their families and lost jobs when they came out. Just not funny.’

Others were supportive of Pat Sajak for his bravery.

‘If Gays think they have to wear their sexuality on their sleeve.. why can’t Straights? Be proud of who you are,’ tweeted one follower.

‘Wondering if the President will call you on to congratulate you and the first lady will speak of how brave you are. Probably not,’ tweeted one follower.

Wrote another: ‘He’s mocking all the drama surrounding supposedly “private” life being forced on everyone.’

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