We’ve All Heard of the Trump Wall, but does Trump Support the Second Amendment?

Donald Trump came out swinging talking about illegal immigration and the future “Great wall of Trump” that will help keep out all the illegals that are constantly pouring into America everyday.

But a question arose among several gun loving American patriots to about just exactly where does Mr. Trump stand on the issue of the second amendment.

Does he support our constitutional rights as Americans to protect ourselves? Does he support our right to bear arms? Well, in the video of his speech at the Town Hall in Derry New Hampshire he briefly spoke on the topic.

Trump was talking about the illegals and the gangs ran by illegals in Chicago. That’s when he brought up the topic of guns.

“You know, they talk about guns, I’m a big second amendment person. I believe so strongly.” Trump said. “BIG”

The rooms filled with cheers and Trump took a moment for the crowd to die down.

“But they talk about guns and you take a look at Chicago. You know that Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the United States by far, and people are getting shot with guns all over the place,ok.”

Trump then continued talking about getting the illegal alien gang members out of America.

Trump had lots to say about people in America illegally, his support of the second amendment, and he also mentioned about how all the politicians are bought out by big companies.

He gave an example about how the “rich evil people” behind the scenes would donate to politicians hoping they will win. Then in return they would ask for something big in return, like sending jobs overseas or to Mexico.

There were several issues he talked about in the whole speech at the town hall in New Hampshire. And all the issues seemed to be good.

What are your thoughts on the issues he talked about? Sound off in the comment section below. Don’t be silent. Stand up and let your voice be heard!