Watch What Happens When A Few Hamas Terrorist Try To Cross The Border


A few Hamas terrorists tried to cross the Israeli border. The IDF released this footage of what happens when they attempt to infiltrate into Israel by sea.

In unbelievable detail, the video shows how Israel doesn’t mess around when it comes to their borders, by chasing down the terrorists in the clip with an air force helicopter.  All five infiltrators are believed to be naval commandos.  They were killed in their effort to cross into Israel according to Universal Free Press.  

The video was first posted on Twitter by the official Israel Defense Forces, with the comment, “Earlier today, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the sea near Zikim. We neutralized them,” the IDF wrote.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military launched what could be a long-term offensive in the Hamas-filled Gaza Strip, striking more than 100 sites and mobilizing troops for a possible ground invasion. The military has said the operation aims to deliver a blow against the Islamic Hamas and put a cease to the rocket fire that has reached Israel in recent days.

Israel’s border protection by contrast to America’s is vast, as are the results from each.  If Barack Obama was Israel’s leaders, these terrorists would have been granted amnesty, given government handouts like food, housing, and healthcare, making it easy for them to destroy the country from the inside right under the administration’s nose.