Watch This Black Man SMASH a Racist Immigrant Reporter for Bullying His White Friend

This is just awesome! In this video you will see a white man that was just attacked by a bunch of racist illegal immigrants be tormented by a nagging reporter.

The reporter is accusing the white guy of racism for no other reason except for the crime of being white.

In the video the white guy says he loves America and supports his country. Obviously a racist thing to say for a white person. But why isn’t it racist for the black guy to say it?

The answer? It isn’t racist for anyone to say it. Regardless of their skin color.

I just love how the black guy stands up in unity with the white guy and defends him.

His words ring true through the ears of everyone that can hear him.

Share this video and let people see just how liberals and illegals try to accuse the “white man” of racism but duck and dodge the black man that stands for the exact same thing.

Maybe you can answer this question. Why do people fear saying anything to anyone that isn’t white, but bully and attack all the white people?

They attacked the white guy in the video. They called him a racist. But as you can see, the black guy smashed the liberal reporter on live TV.

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