Watch “Texas Terrorist” Pledge Allegiance to ISIS in Front of Cop


Houston – The footage shows a devout ISIS supporting Muslim explain the supremacist goals of Islam and the caliphate. The terrorist describes himself as an “Islamic Chaliphate [sic] State Fact Reporter”.

The video shows the terrorist wearing pro-ISIS attire at a mosque with a friend. The mosque is not specifically identified but is referred to by the acronym of “ISGH,” presumably the Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

The footage shows a devout Muslim explaining the supremacist goals of Islam and the caliphate.

The cop’s craven response is noteworthy. He is standing there listening to this jihadist dawah, and when the terrorist says that they are coming from Jerusalem (minute .50), the cops says, “You don’t have to tell me, ya know? Cuz I am Catholic and I could go to church 24 hours.”

The cop continues to reassure the Islamic State Muslim and tells him the mosque said he can come back during regular hours (minute 1:28).

While Christian Pastors in Houston are being subjected to persecution by the Democrat Mayor, the Democrats don’t seem to have any problems with jihad in America.

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