Muslim Protester dies after Inhaling Fumes from Burning American Flag

Burning the American flag has now proven to be fatal, according to Fox News.

A muslim protester from Pakistan, named Abdullah Ismail, has reportedly died from inhaling fumes from burning an American flag.

Abdullah Ismail died in Mayo hospital in Lahore having complained of feeling unwell during the angry demonstrations in the eastern Pakistan city.

Witnesses said he had complained of feeling sick  from the smoke from American flags burnt at the rally.

Around 10,000 people are estimated to have taken part in the protest. Demonstrators chanted anti-American slogans before burning American flags outside the U.S. Consulate.

The rally was organized by Jamaat-Ud-Dawa, the political arm of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The protesters are allegedly insulted by America’s unwillingness to publicly torture and murder the makers of a film called “Innocence of Muslims” which shows the truth behind Islam, Mohammad and the quran.

The protesters are demanding universal “respect and tolerance” of all things pertaining to Islam.

The Islamic protesters also threatened to destroy the U.S. consulate in Pakistan if the United States does not publicly hang the movie’s producer, director, and “all those involved in the production and release of the movie” (which would presumably include Google and YouTube employees).

The protesters also demanded that the United States makes a “law against blasphemy”, by basically repealing the freedom of speech, and to start whipping, stoning, and/or hanging anyone that says or promotes anything against Islam, Mohammad or the quran.

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