Watch Lady Get KNOCKED OUT and Repeatedly RAN OVER by Her Neighbor

ran over

Imaging getting knocked in the head with a blunt object, then get constantly ran over in the snow by your neighbor for their car getting scratched the first time they ran in to you with their car.

Sound crazy? In the following video, Marina Skhurina, 37, is seen struggling to reverse her new car out of a yard after a heavy snowfall when her neighbor comes out her house with a bowl of food for her chickens.

The footage shows Skhurina becoming increasingly frustrated as her car moves backwards and forwards in the snowdrift at the end of the road in the town of Aldan.  

Refusing to wait for her neighbor to pass, the driver shoots forward down the narrow lane, forcing the older woman to step to one side. She is seen dropping the bowl as the car pushes past her.

Skhurina claims that she had not noticed that the 67-year-old had fallen over as she then continues reversing backwards and forwards down the lane, running the woman on the ground over repeatedly in the process.

In the video, she is seen getting out of the vehicle and shouting at her neighbor before kicking snow in her face.

Skhurina did eventually call for help, but only after she saw the woman still lying on the ground.

She believes her neighbor was responsible for scratching her brand new Nissan Qashqai and admitted that she was angry.

The ambulance which was called to take the woman to hospital said that amazingly she had only suffered light injuries thanks to the deep snow which cushioned the damage that might otherwise have been caused by the car as he ran over her body and her arms.

Police have confirmed that they are considering filing charges against the driver.

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