BOOM , Watch Judge SMACK-DOWN Liberal Lawyer in 3.2 Seconds

Recently Judge Hurley came across a suspect who was in court for the charges of shooting at a cop, along with a few other things.

The suspect was seen running from a motor vehicle while shots were being fired at the police.

The incident happened around 1am in the morning in a neighborhood he didn’t live in and he was later found hiding in the water under a dock at someones home with a gun holster still on.

It seems like the lawyer might have had a good argument at first by saying that just because the gun was in the car doesn’t mean the suspect was the one that shot at the officer, but the fact that he still had his gun holster on really doesn’t seem to help. … Maybe he should have removed it.


Either way, you’ve gotta give the lawyer some credit for at least trying, but the lawyer crashed when he listened to his client whispering in his ear about “black lives matter”.

In the video you can see the suspect whisper to the lawyer, then the lawyer starts in about how the suspect was running for his life because he was just an innocent black guy that saw the cops and heard a gun shot.

Obviously the judge was tired of the lame duck arguments being used by this lawyer to justify the suspect desire to shoot at the police.

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