Watch German Shepherd Take Bullet for Family, Saves Kids

saves lives

ATLANTA, GA  — A hero dog is being mourned after passing away. The German Shepherd lost it’s life while protecting it’s family from gunfire, according to CBS12.

Witnesses say the shooting began with road rage and ended up with the gunman following the SUV to a strip mall on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

The vehicle was full of kids as bullets flew through the windows.

“They had hit the back of his car. Which the dog had jumped in front of the bullet I guess to save one of the children or the wife,” said a witness.

“About five minutes later, they pulled back through,” said one of the victims, who asked not to be identified. “They just rolled right up; they pulled a gun out and started (shooting).”

The German Shepard was mortally wounded in the gunfire and ran behind the building where he died.

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