Watch COP Get High on Stolen POT BROWNIES then Call 911 for Help


A 28-year old Dearborn, Michigan police officer named Edward Sanchez called 911 and said he and his wife were dying, from a marijuana brownie overdose.

The marijuana was stolen from criminal suspects and brought home for personal use.

After making pot brownies from the stolen weed, Edward Sanchez placed a phone call to 911 call from his home.

During the 5-minute tape of the call, obtained by the Free Press, Sanchez tells an emergency dispatcher that he is convinced that he and his wife were overdosing on marijuana.

“I think we’re dying,” he said. “We made brownies and I think we’re dead, I really do.”

Sanchez later told police investigators that his wife took the marijuana out of his police vehicle while he was sleeping.

In a subsequent interview, he admitted he got the marijuana out of the car himself, put it in the brownie mix and ate the brownies.

The department made the decision not to prosecute Cpl. Edward Sanchez and let him resign. This decision left a bad taste in the mouth of at least one city official, who vowed to investigate.

“If you’re a cop and you’re arresting people and you’re confiscating the marijuana and keeping it yourself, that’s bad. That’s real bad,” City Councilman Doug Thomas said.

The City Councilman  continued saying,

“That’s like apprehending a bank robber and keeping some of the money for yourself.”

Police Cmdr. Jeff Geisinger left a phone message with Detroit television station WDIV saying Sanchez resigned during an internal investigation.

Geisinger did not return subsequent calls asking why Sanchez was not prosecuted.

You can listen to the full 911 call in this video:

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