Watch 15 Muslims BULLY this litttle Irish Man, then find out He’s the white Bruce Lee

I guess “Allah” just wasn’t with these guys the day this gang of Islamic bullies decided to harass an innocent Irish man.

This Irish tourist and professional boxer was just minding his business going about his every day life when he was confronted by a gang of goat herders.

The trouble started in İstanbul’s Aksaray district when the Irishman opened the shop fridge and several bottles of water accidentally fell out.

The Islamic shop keeper came running out with a stick trying to attack the Irishman. The Irishman wasn’t looking for a fight, but it came.

As the store keeper and him Islamic allies tried to attack him, he ducked and dodged. Then showed his boxing skills off.

The man has been identified by Turkish media as Mohammed Fadel Dobbous, a Kuwait-born Irish citizen.

The video shows him disarming the shopkeeper, seen wearing a green-and-white striped polo shirt, and the fight spills out into the street.

All of this could have been avoided if they would have just all realized it was an accident and picked up the unharmed plastic bottles of water.

But some people are just prone to violence and choose not to think.

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