Warning Graphic Content: Police Fire 600 Shots At SUV Killing Hostage


A shocking video of a California mother who was shot and killed by police gunfire after being taken hostage during a violent bank robbery earlier this year has came as quite a shock.

Misty Holt-Singh, whose 12-year-old daughter was waiting in her car when she was taken at gunpoint at a Stockton bank on July 16, was shot after she was used as a human shield by one of four suspects, said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Raw helicopter footage of 33 police officers, firing 600+ shots at bank robbers and hostage in vehicle.

According to police reports, which were filed following the fatal incident, at around 2:00 PM on July 16, three men arrived at a Bank of the West branch in Stockton, CA.

The men allegedly tied up a security guard, and proceeded to rob the vault at gunpoint. The armed assailants took the branch manager and two other women hostage on an hour-long, high-speed police pursuit. About 100 rounds from a high-powered, AK-47 assault rifle were reportedly fired at police, civilian homes and vehicles.

Two of the hostages were wounded after they were apparently ejected from the moving SUV, during the police chase. After a gun battle, of epic proportions—33 police officers fired no less than 600 bullets—two bank robbers, and the other hostage, Misty Holt-Singh, was killed.

A preliminary ballistics report cited by Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones showed that Holt-Singh “was shot about 10 times”.

No riots like in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases where held in her memory.

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