Two Wannabe Thugs Beat 73 Year Old Grandmother in Store Parking Lot


FORT WORTH, TX – Police arrested two teenagers in the beating of a 73-year-old grandmother. Seventeen-year-old Bobby Wilson of Fort Worth is charged with aggravated robbery, along with a 15-year old girl police say is responsible for beating Inga Evans and taking her purse. The teen girl’s name and picture are not being released because she is a juvenile. Police arrested the two suspects after surveillance video was released last week of the robbery and beating of Evans in the Walmart parking lot in the 2900 block of renaissance square in Fort Worth.

“She was a tank, she was a tank,” said Inga Evans of the girl. Evans told FOX 4’s James Rose the heavyset girl hit her at least ten times in the face. Evans says she is thankful for the arrest and is still healing from her wounds. “The physical pain is better, it’s the emotional scar, because I’m usually so independent I go everywhere, everywhere and now I have to ask someone to do with me. And this is what hurts. The loss of independence, the loss of security, that’s what hurts.”

Evans’ son, Bill, was horrified when he first saw the video of his mother’s beating. He’s now stunned to learn the suspect is just 15 years old. “I was shocked that it was such a young girl to do this, I was just shocked, I was blown away.” 

Inga Evans says she wants the girl punished harshly but hopes she is rehabilitated. Evans also had a message for people in the parking lot who watched and walked away when she was being beaten. “To the people who were watching this and stood there with their cell phones in hand, the next time it may be you that’s getting knocked on the ground, and then what will you do,” said Evans.