Two Thugs Beat and Rob a 72 Year Old Grandma While She was Praying in Church (VIDEO)

In this shocking video you will see two young thugs run up behind a little old lady, grab her pocket book then attack her at Saint Cecilia Cathedral while she was looking at pamphlets and getting ready to pray.

This happened Sunday morning around 11 a.m.

The video was sent to WOWT6 news from Fr. James Netusil, the Associate Pastor at Saint Cecilia Cathedral. Police are now looking for the men responsible for attacking the 72-year-old woman.

In the video you can see the grandma make her way through the doors, pick up a pamphlet, and then get blindsided. One assailant grabbed her purse and the other punched her, knocking her to the ground, gashing her head on the table.

The wanna-be thugs then took off running down the street and the grandma was then taken to the hospital.

The church pastor said security video shows the woman look around as if she noticed the other people but she never sensed any potential threat.

“Of course it’s shocking because we haven’t had anything like that here – at least not in 10 years. And so obviously we prayed for her the next two masses and the parishioners are now concerned.” Fr. Michael Gutgsell said.

“‘Is it safe? Should I be in the church?’ And we tried to assure them this is a safe place and it was something completely out of the blue.”

Her granddaughter was contacted this past Tuesday afternoon and she said thankfully her grandmother is now doing fine.

The pastor said the entire parish is hoping the people responsible are caught.