Thug Threatens To Blow Up Fallen Officer’s Family At Funeral, Gets BRUTAL Dose Of Karma

Thanks to 8 years of Obama and his cop-hating antics, negative sentiments towards our law enforcement is at all-time high. We frequently see officers being ambushed and shot, as liberals and other organizations continue to commit horrifying atrocities all in the name of “black lives matter.”

A funeral for Capt. Kenneth Steil was held on Friday and a vast number of the city’s officers were in attendance. The sad event was livestreamed across multiple platforms.

Yet right after the officer was savagely shot and killed in the line of duty, a Detroit thug vowed to set off a bomb at the slain officer’s funeral in order to “get rid of the rest” of the officers.

But unfortunately for this vile little thug, his disgusting antics just blew up in his face in a well deserved dose of karma that is sending a brutal message to the cop-hating morons across America.

According to Click on Detroit a threat was made in the comment section of one livestream prompting the FBI to investigate.

Deshawn Maurice Lanton is accused of making threats to injure using interstate communications, according to a federal criminal complaint filed Wednesday.

“Maybe I should drop a bomb on tha building to get rid of the rest of y’all.”

The threat was posted at 11:28 a.m. The comment was forwarded by a concerned citizen to police.

An investigation linked the Facebook profile, “Kane Pnotes,” to Lanton, the complaint said. The profile showed multiple photographs of Lanton posing with firearms, smoking marijuana and identifying himself as a member of the “Money Gang,” according to authorities.

The profile also included multiple videos of police officers getting injured and comments about how pleased he was to see officers being injured, the complaint said.

Lanton is on probation and has an extensive criminal history, including criminal convictions for fleeing police, resisting and obstructing an officer, assaulting an officer, receiving or concealing stolen property and felonious assault.

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