Thug Committing Robbery Shoves Cop then Gets SLAMMED on Video

Boston police officer Edward Fleming was alerted of a robbery suspect on the loose near a construction crew that was working in the neighborhood.

The suspect had just fled from the Berkeley College Bookstore when he was spotted by the officer according to a report. The suspect was pursued on foot into the Prudential Mall.

Security cameras in the area caught the ordeal on tape.

Even thought the suspect was involved in a crime and fleeing the scene, the cop seemed reluctant to physically restrain the suspect. The suspect saw this and physically advanced towards the officer in attempts to get around him and escape.

Unfortunately for the suspect backup came. A nearby construction worker came to intervene.

The construction man Ned Flood was able to tackle the suspect long enough so that the police officer could arrest him.

Boston Police Chief Commissioner William Evans commented on the ordeal, thanking the two construction workers for their help and bravery,

“These construction workers do a lot for this city and have always had a great relationship with our officers. We appreciate their support and the support of those from Boston Properties for their role in following up on this incident.”

When they finally booked the suspect they found out that he had a long violent criminal history and also had several warrants out for his arrest.

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