This Sign Is So ‘Offensive’ The Gov’t Wants Landowner To Remove It

scary sign

A Texan woman’s Christian-themed yard sign is heating up the debate on religious freedom.

In April, the Texas Department of Transportation sent a letter to Jeanette Golden, telling her that she had to remove a large sign in her yard close to the highway which displayed the “Ten Commandments.” The letter stated,“Signs and billboards along major highways are limited to commercial and industrial areas.”

Golden, who is also a pastor, is fighting back with the help of the Liberty Institute and attorney Michael Berry.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

“It’s on her property and she is not encroaching a right of way with the sign,” Berry said of the sign, which is located just behind a fence on Golden’s ranch. Berry said the Texas Department of Transportation’s total ban on Mrs. Golden’s Ten Commandments sign violates the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The Texas Department of Transportation has stated that it’s not the content of Golden’s sign that’s the issue, it’s that the sign violates the Federal Highway Beautification Act. The violation could cost Texasfederal funding.

Fortunately for Golden, the Texas Transportation Commission is considering changing the law because of her issue. We can only hope that the government upholds the sacred right of religious freedom guaranteed to all Americans.