This Netflix Show is Now Considered Racist Because the Lead Actor is White

If you are anything like me you might find yourself surfing through the movies and TV shows on Netflix to help pass by some of your spare time.

While I have seen quite a few shows and movies I just now started to watch a Marvel TV series on Netflix called “Iron Fist”. It is about a kid that was presumed dead because him and his parents were in a plane crash and neither the plane or the bodies where found.

Fifteen years later young Danny Rand, the son, has finally resurfaced having been raised by warrior monks for the past 15 years.

Watching the show I started to question if the actor, Finn Jones, who plays the main character in the show really knows any kung fu in real life. While Finn Jones can do some decent kicks his “slow motion” movements that he does while exercising doesn’t seem to appeal to the kung fu fan in me.

So, I did like every other warm blooded American. I Googled it. While I was going on my quest of knowledge to find out if the actor Finn Jones knows any real type of kunf fu or mixed martial arts I ran across the dreaded “liberal media”.

While reading some “news” post on a website called Polygon I kept reading things like “white privilege”, and “if he wasn’t white it wouldn’t be that way”. My head just wanted to explode. Here are a few quotes from what I read.

“That attitude is one of the hallmarks of male privilege. Even when stripped of wealth and status, Danny carries himself like someone who has both.” Polygon wrote.

If you have watched any of the show you can tell that the main character doesn’t act like the other “rich folks”. But he does have self respect and respect for others. Something Polygon must see as some type of straight white male syndrome.

“He has a way of making things worse by attempting to help people without their guidance or permission, and while he learns from his mistakes — because he wants to be a more effective hero — he never fully appreciates the extent to which his endless string of second chances is itself a mark of his privilege.”

So far when he helps people in the show he saves their lives. Like when his female friend Joy is almost kidnapped by an Asian gang called the Triad he rushes to her rescue saving her life. I really haven’t seen the second chances he is supposed to be getting. The only reason he got a 51% share in his own families company is because they needed his special powers. Not because they were giving him a second chance.

But I guess the liberal media thinks that saving people and being used is a tell-tale sign of the infamous “white privilege”.

“The display of privilege is so overt that it could almost be a deconstruction, even if I suspect that much of that is accidental. Privilege is so intrinsic to the show’s interpretation of the character that I don’t know what it would look like with a non-white lead.” they continued.

The whole beginning of the show when Danny Rand shows himself to the people that know him the most he is rejected and even put in an insane asylum. They know exactly who it is. They know it is the real Danny Rand. They don’t call the cops because they don’t want him coming back to go public because they don’t want to lose the company that is rightfully his.

They try to kill him and even commit him to an insane asylum. I’m wondering if the so called white privilege was based on him almost getting killed more than once or going to the insane asylum against his will.

But seriously, what if the main character was a non-white lead? Would the other actors automatically treat him any worse? Or would they just be afraid of being called a racist? (Comment section is below)

The liberal writer goes on to write:

Iron Fist is a show about a young white billionaire, and is more or less what you’d expect from such an endeavor.

There just isn’t that much public interest in that type of character at the present moment.

If you read the article you will see that the character that they say no one is wanting to see right now is simply just a “white person”. A while male to be exact. They don’t care that he is a billionaire. The character actually starts off living in the woods with a homeless person.

The writers racist and sexist rant goes on and on through their post while trying to vilify the notorious “white male”.

Finn Jones is a walking reminder that white actors get better opportunities than their non-white counterparts, and that makes him an unwelcome presence for fans who wanted a different take on the character.

Yes, their idiocy continues. The Iron Fist is a Marvel comic about a white guy who is raised by warrior monks before returning home. But liberals just lose their minds when a white actor is chosen to play the part of a white character.

They didn’t seem to have any concerns when a black actor was chosen to play the part of Luke Cage, the black Marvel comic book hero. Even though that TV series is full of “racial slang” such as “cracker” and “white boy”. I don’t really care what someone says, but if one group is allowed to say it, then all groups are. After all, that is “equality”.

He’s therefore asking people to make an exception for Iron Fist. He wants people to set aside their frustrations with Hollywood’s casting imbalance for the benefit of one TV show and the career of one white actor.

Jones probably believes that his show deserves that special treatment. He feels secure enough to say so because he doesn’t seem to have considered the possibility that his show would be received with anything less than adulation. The part he’s missing is that most people would like to receive the benefit of the doubt.

I’m pretty sure that the main actor of the show, Finn Jones, does what to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Jones simply asked for people to judge the show Iron Fist on the acting and the story plot. Not condemning the show on the single basis that the main character is a white guy being played by a white actor.

Can you imagine if any person in America would stand up and complain that a black person was chosen to play a black character? We all know the people involved would automatically be called racist and bigots.

Or how about this. What if they would have given a white person the role of a black character? We all know the outrage that would be shown. But nothing is mentioned about it when a black person is given the role of a white person.

Like when they cast the characters from the new TV show The Flash Iris West and Kid Flash were both white in the comic books but replaced with black actors. Personally, I like The Flash, but what would have happened if the roles were reversed? (comment below)

Still, the liberal media continues:

However, if Jones is serious about improving representation outside of the show (or if he simply wants to be less tone deaf), he needs to learn to listen and to accept the fact that he can’t have everything.

Fans told Marvel that they want more diverse programming. Instead, they’re getting another project about a spoiled white dude. Jones is unable to recognize the ways in which he has benefited from his privilege, and that makes him just as clueless as the character he portrays.

Jones needs to “accept the fact he can’t have everything”. Again, Jones never brought up the topic. Liberals simply called him a racist for being a white actor that plays the part of a white character in a TV show. All Jones asked was for them to watch the show and judge it on the acting and the story line itself. Not to judge him for being white.

“Fans told Marvel that they want more diverse programming.”

Actually liberals told Marvel that they don’t want any more white actors. After all it was Marvel that made Iris West and Kid Flash black when they were white in the comic book.

“Instead, they’re getting another project about a spoiled white dude.”

The character Danny Rand in the Iron Fist is anything but spoiled. His character is even shown giving up several hundred million in profits just so people in Asia and some surrounding countries could but the medicine they need to save their lives for the same price it costs the company to make.

“spoiled white dude.”

Seriously, for all the talk about “equality” and “racism” going on today it is still considered ok as long as the victim is white. If they would have replaced the white character with a black actor would they call him a spoiled black dude.

Either way. The main character is committed to helping others. Obviously the new definition of a spoiled white person. So next time, before you decide to help someone, or give a homeless person some money, beware, you are being a spoiled white person.

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