This is the Scheme to use Trump to make Hillary the next President of the United States

Hillary Clinton went to Trump’s third wedding, in 2005, to his current wife. Former President Bill Clinton didn’t come to the service, but attended the reception afterward.

According to Politico, BoDietl also went to Donald Trump’s third wedding in January 2005 in Palm Beach

“Hillary came running over,” Dietl said. “She was very nice. ‘Bo, how ya doin’?’ ‘Bo, I love you.’”

This, he thought, was strange, seeing as how they’re politically so at odds, a fact he has made public and plain.

Voters now may feel a similar sense of befuddlement at the notion that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were once friendly enough that she attended his joyful nuptials.

When Hillary Clinton last ran for office, Trump was torn between supporting her and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“They’re both terrific people, and I hope they both get the nomination,” he told CNN in 2007, adding that he thought Clinton would surround herself with good people to negotiate a deal with Iran.

A year later, Trump wondered publicly why Clinton wasn’t chosen as President Obama’s running-mate.

Trump even donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but when asked he explained why he donated to Clinton’s campaigns.

“I’m a businessman. I contribute to everybody,” Trump said. “When I needed Hillary, she was there.

Trump even made statements that make many people question his stance.

“In many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat,” Donald Trump told CNN in 2004 “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

Then in 2007 Donald Trump said,

“Hillary’s always surrounded herself with very good people. I think Hillary would do a good job,”

He then praised her ability to negotiate and ultimately handle a deal with Iran. Trump also praised Hillary, while simultaneously trashing Condoleezza Rice as unqualified and nothing more than a joke.

Now Trump is completely against her. Louder with Crowder noticed the change and posed the question “The change is so shocking, who knows what to do with it?”

Is he simply bashing Hillary because she is now running against him? Or was he just so wrong in his prediction? Because he also donated six figures to the Clinton Foundation (both for her as a senator and later as she campaigned on a national platform).

Now, I know Donald Trump says all the right things when he speaks—but that is simply a recent occurrence.

This has led some to speculate on many things, such as what if he is simply running and saying what we want to hear just to win, or even worse, what if he is a plant.
What if he really wants Hillary to win?

Hillary is so disliked by the majority of America that it would be almost impossible for her to win. Out of any two candidates running, no matter who was against Hillary, the American people would vote for the other candidate, causing Hillary to lose.

But what if there where three candidates?

Then that would change everything. It would give Hillary a chance to win, even when the majority voted against her. If there were, let’s say, two-hundred voters, and only 75 voted for Hillary.

Trump could gain the attentions of the majority of the Republican voters, then near the end switch up and run as an independent. That would sway the votes.

The Republican voters would be split. Out of the (hypothetical) two-hundred voters he would steal 65 votes away from the Republicans. The Republican nominee would get the other 60.

So, even though Hillary only got 75 votes, having 125 vote against her, because Trump got 65 people to vote for him, the caused the Republican party to only get 60 votes.

Leaving Hillary the winner. Even though the majority was against her.

When trying to win the presidential election when there is clearly no hope for getting the majority of the votes, how else could Hillary have the chance to win? Some have speculated that this is the way. Having her good old friend to step up and say the things that America wants to hear. Just long enough to give the win to the enemy.

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