This Black Guys 60 Second Message to Obama about “Black-Lives-Matter” is Going Viral

In this amazing eye-opening video you will hear what many people are afraid to say. The truth! A Facebook user named Joe Evans made a video and posted it to Facebook after hearing about the officer in Texas that was shot and killed by a black thug for no other reason than being a white cop.

Liberals and the main stream media claimed the guy was deranged and said we need to ban guns. But Mr. Evans message was much better than all theirs combined.

Why? Because he spoke the truth.

“The President needs to come out and denounce the #Blacklives matter movement. The movement is racist to the core and in my opinion it has simultaneously led to a violent war between blacks and whites, and police and blacks.” Joe Evans said.

The President is a former community organizer, and he knows that through organization many social outcomes can be minipulated, but this is wrong and has led to a nuclear uprising here in America.” he continued.

“In fact all black leaders need to denounce that movement, and any other movement that separates people. My life is worth no more or less than anyone else’s life and I know that!
On this day I denounce the #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

We here at The PCMD Gazette, along with many other fellow patriot have long been saying exactly what Mr. Evans has said. Hopefully his message will continue to spread. Because it is not just “his message” , but a message from all Americans near and far.

Let our voices be heard! Help spread the message! You can also add your thoughts to this in the comment section below. Together we can save America!