This Guy Was Just Arrested (on Video) for Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Outside of the DMV in Torrance, CA, a street preacher named Tatsuo Akamine was arrested by an officer with the California Highway Patrol.

When Akamine asked the officer why he was being asked for identification, the officer responded,

“You are being detained for committing a crime, 415 of the penal code, disturbing the peace.”

Akamine then pleaded with the officer, reminding him that he has a first amendment right to be on a public sidewalk.

Akamine proclaims he has a constitutional right to free speech.

The officer then replies:

Well, you do have a right to be here, you don’t have the right to make that much noise

The officer then threatens Akamine with arrest if he doesn’t show his ID,  and the 56 year old preacher eventually complies.

The officer immediately puts the ID in his pocket and checks him for weapons.

Finally Akamine is drug off to jail and charged with a misdemeanor and given a $500 bond.

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