This Gay Judge is Refusing to Perform Straight Marriages, No Jail Time – No Media Outrage

An openly gay Texas judge says she refuses to conduct marriage ceremonies for straight couples. No one tried to put her in jail. No federal judges tried to condemn her.

The Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker explained her decision at a monthly meeting for the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.

“I do not perform them because it is not an equal application of the law. Period,” she said, according to the Dallas Voice, a newspaper for the gay community.

Parker is believed to be the first openly “gay” African-American elected official in the history of the state, according to NY Daily news.

Parker told the audience that while she refuses to conduct the ceremonies, she explains her reasoning to the couples.

“I use it as my opportunity to give them a lesson about marriage equality in the state because I feel like I have to tell them why I’m turning them away,” she said.

Her refusal to marry people based on the fact that they were not homosexuals wasn’t backed by any faith based belief or anything other than a personal vendetta.

So why isn’t this a big deal? Well, most people that go to her and get turned down go somewhere else.

People that know she is just being an attention seeker go somewhere else without even considering her as an option.

Now we bring up Kim Davis. A Kentucky county clerk who has become a symbol of religious opposition to same-­sex marriage who was jailed Thursday after defying a federal court order to issue licenses to gay couples.

So why was Kim Davis jailed and not the judge? Why did this gay couple come from another state, go to the only place not issuing gay marriage licenses, bring the media, then demand Kim Davis denounce her faith? Why couldn’t they have just went somewhere else?

Why? Maybe you can answer some of these comments in the comment section below.