This Democrat Wants to Add a $3 Tax to Your Tobacco Products


How much does a pack of cigarettes cost these days? Whatever your brand may be, it’s sure to get much more costly if this democrat has his way.

Sen. Richard Madaleno (Dem.-Montgomery Co.) and the Marylands Citizens’ Health Initiative are pushing to raise taxes on cigarettes by $1 to $3 a pack, in order to fend off Hogan’s budget cuts to health care.

Madaleno believes that an increase tax on cigarettes could provide necessary funds to support the possible 1,400 pregnant women between the 185% and 250% of the federal poverty level who will be denied Medicaid coverage under Hogan’s budget.

According to the Maryland Reporter, Madaleno told the Senate Budget and Taxation committee Wednesday that he has a different vision than Hogan has laid out:

“One that keeps these commitments to health care, one that doesn’t throw pregnant women off of health insurance, one that continues to do the best cancer research in the world, one that keeps young people from the scourge of smoking.”

The tax would jump from $2 to $3, increasing the other tobacco products (OTPs) tax rate from 30% to nearly 80% of the wholesale price or a specified amount, according to DLS.

Gas station owners concerned about losing customers to other states.

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