KARMA- This Bully Thinks He’s Tough, But this video Shows That’s Just Not True

I don’t know which one is more annoying. The wanna-be tough guy that is trying to start a fight with the guy that obviously doesn’t want to fight, or the annoying girl in the background trying to be a WWE/smack-down diva cheerleader.

In the video you will see the young guy in the white shirt get constantly picked on and harassed.

As the video goes on you can hear the victim try to get help by asking for someone to call his mom, which in this case would be an authority figure. An adult to break up the bullying.

Finally the victim has had enough. The bully ends up on the ground. Then against a tree, with a few good punches against his head.

Finally someone drives by and tells them to get off each other. And the victim again asks for an authority figure to help by calling the police.

You can hear the annoying wanna-be cheerleader in the background make the false claim that the victim is the aggressor.
One can only wish that someone would slam her too for instigating the whole thing.

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