This American School Just ROCKED the HOUSE when the NAACP came in Talking about Racism

bet the NAACP didn’t expect anyone to speak up when they came in calling everyone racist. But that is exactly what happened when they stepped in this American school talking about the schools mascot is racist and they need to ban the school theme song.

This past Tuesday a small group of people, led by the NAACP came to Effingham County High School in Georgia wanting the mascot changed from the “Rebels”, usually pictured as a Confederate soldier holding a Confederate Flag.

We have come to make a petition to right the wrong that should have been corrected 60 years ago,” said Leroy Lloyd, president of the Effingham NAACP.

The petition – made by the local NAACP – is for the school board to remove the use of all confederate symbols used by the school. This includes the Rebel mascot, the use of the Confederate flag, and the school’s Dixie fight song.

Some say the history and hate associated with these symbols cannot be severed.

“Pastor” Franklin Blanks, Jr., First Union Baptist Church, said, “We should do better.”

We cannot ignore this practice any longer. We ask you to do the respect of representing all citizens. Do what is fair and honest concerning this practice. Blanks, Jr said.

But the overwhelming majority of people who attended Tuesday’s meeting disagreed.

In the video obtained from WTOC news on YouTube you will see some of the responses.

One of the schools patriots, named Stanley Carter, spoke up and said, “You are trying to erase my heritage.”

“You try to erase anything you think is racist. But the whole time you were up here, sir. I apologize, but everything you said was racist.” the patriot, Stanley Carter, said.

Cheers rose from the crowd of hundreds throughout the meeting rocking the house, and some people were nearly escorted out by law enforcement.

And the debate wasn’t a black verse white thing like most liberal media outlets want people to think.

Instead it was a “what’s right verses what’s an Orwellian society thing.” A black student named Mary Woods, ECHS alumna, spoke up in defense of the flag and the schools mascot.

“I didn’t go to Effingham County School because of that Rebel Flag.” she said

“That Rebel Flag didn’t mean nothing to me, it was simply a mascot for the school. That flag to me — gave me the inspiration to fight, to do more in life, it’s a fighting thing.”

She used the rebel flag as an inspiration to fight, to do more in life. The flag helped her to become a winner in life.

The school board did not vote during the meeting about making the decision on whether or not to change the school’s mascot.

The school said they will consider the input from both sides and make a decision at a later time.

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