These Terrorist Refugees and Gang Members are Being Allowed to Stay in America to Kill You

A few days ago a top law enforcement official finally confirmed that Islamic terrorists have infiltrated the United States through Mexico, a story that Judicial Watch broke last year as part of an ongoing series involving the dangerously porous southern border.

Last October JW reported that four members of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), who entered the U.S. through the Mexican border, were arrested in McAllen and Pharr Texas. Then, over the summer, JW reported that Mexican drug cartels are smuggling foreigners from countries with terrorist links into a small Texas rural town near El Paso and they’re using remote farm roads—rather than interstates—to elude the Border Patrol and other law enforcement barriers.

Terrorist are swarming into America any way that they can. Now they are even coming in as refugees. Or should I say, they have also been coming in as refugees for several years.

But what is worse than these terrorist getting to come in posing as innocent refugees that actually need help is that America is also letting in several known gang members from other countries. These gang members come flooding in and continue their rival fights in the peaceful suburbs of our American streets. For example, we can just do a quick Google search for refugee gang members and what do we get?

According to The News and Record, in Greensboro, NC, just one of the places that refugees have taken over in the past few years, refugee gangs are running wild in the street.

Police arrested three gang members in connection with a shooting last Dec. 26 that they believe is part of a series of shootings between rival, mostly Vietnamese gangs.

Clifford Jason Wyatt, 18, of 1303 Summit Ave., was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and shooting into an occupied property. Phu Luc Nay, 18, of 1305 Andover Ave., and Deron Rayshaun Patillo, 17, of 1617 Upland Drive, were charged with the same offenses last week.

Police said the men drove to a house at 2002 Whitman Street in northeast Greensboro about 10 p.m. on Dec. 26. Two of them got out of the car, and one of them fired seven shots from a 12-gauge shotgun into the house, police said. Five people were home, but nobody was injured, police said.

Some would say “Hey they got caught, put them in jail.” But what really does happen to these gang members? Well, the gang members in this case were given a slap on the wrist and dumped back out in to our society. It’s a shame that an American with the same crime would get a much harsher sentence. In the instance of this gang shooting story the gang members are repeat offenders. They are not even US citizens and they are going in and out of the prison system for violent crimes. Each time none are deported. They came into America as gang members and continue to shoot rob and kill. When will people stand up and say enough is enough?

They say that the primary tool used in flagging terrorists is called the “watch list” or “lookout” system. It is a compilation of several million people who are not to be issued visas or otherwise allowed to enter the country. Currently, the database is composed of names, dates of birth, countries, and passport numbers rather than biometric identifiers such as photographs or fingerprints. The names of persons applying for visas are checked against the list. In some cases, procedural failures and outdated technology have caused the system to fail.

But we all know these things don’t always work. So what can we do? Why not start sending the violent gang members and refugee criminals back to where they came from? Now I’m not saying send any and everyone of them that gets in trouble back. If one happens to get a driving charge or caught smoking a joint we shouldn’t go out and hang them, but these refugee gang members that are all tattooed up with gang signs who go around shooting and robbing people, well, they need to go.

You can help do your part by signing a petition HERE that was sent in to us to help save America and rid our streets of these violent criminals.