These Cartoon Characters Just Got Added To The Left’s Gun Violence Hit List

hit list

IJreview reported that in today’s culture, nothing is sacred – not even memories of Saturday mornings spent watching “Looney Tunes.”

 A liberal writer at Slate believes that

To modern sensibilities, of course, the gun violence is especially startling—particularly the blasé approach to gun suicide, a rampant problem across the United States.

Murder and suicide is sure a problem among animated wabbits, ducks, and hunters, and I’m sure today’s kiddos aren’t capable of figuring out that “Looney Tunes” is fake. I mean, you run into talking wabbits all the time.

In any case, isn’t the blasé approach to carjacking and murder of innocent citizens in “Grand Theft Auto” worse?

I don’t doubt that most children in America are constantly exposed to violence on TV that’s far more disturbing than anything in Looney Tunes. But no kids’ show today would ever treat firearms or gun deaths so lightly, with such zany exuberance, as Looney Tunes once did.

That jaunty disregard of the consequences of violence is part of what made the show so bizarrely delightful. In a post-Newtown world, however, what was once strangely funny now registers as appallingly macabre.

The left’s hit list:

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