“Them or Me” – Store Owner Opens Fire on Would-be Robbers

Wisconsin store owner, Rami Murrar, recently opened fire to defend his store and his life from would-be robbers.

The owner of Bouchard’s, a clothing and accessory store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was alone in his store late at night earlier this month according to The Blaze.

That’s when a vehicle suddenly smashed into the front of the business.

The owner assessed the situation and quickly realized the three men trying to break into his store were armed, according to the man’s attorney, John Schiro.

The would-be robbery victim retrieved his rifle from a back room and prepared for a confrontation.

After crashing into the front entrance, the suspects then tried to squeeze in through the damaged gate.

Surveillance cameras showed what happened next.

According to ABC12, Deishun Byrd-McWay faces two felony counts after police said he tried to break into the store by ramming a van into a pair of concrete security posts.

Video taken from the store at North Martin Luther King Drive and Meinecke Avenue shows three men jumping out and trying to squeeze through a gate opening.

“It was a lot of guys out there. So I believe if they would’ve gotten through that door, I would’ve been dead, so that’s the reason I reached for my gun,” Bouchard’s owner Rami Murrar said Monday

Murrar fired five shots toward the entrance of the store. Byrd-Mcway was shot multiple times.

This was not the first time Bouchard’s has been targeted.

An employee was shot last fall during a break-in.

Two of the men involved in this latest smash-and-grab robbed the other Bouchard’s store on Capitol Drive in 2012.

Byrd-McWay is charged with felony burglary and criminal damage to property. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Authorities said Murrar will not be charged in the shooting.