The Future is Here: Man Makes first Human Android to Replace Humans – Video

Every day there’s a new robot with improved capabilities that promises to eventually take over yet another job. But this new…human android can and will eventually do much more.

Imagine a robot that is the exact replica of a human. You could replace your husband or wife with the “perfect mate” that listens to everything you say and responds with real human emotions and thought.

Erica, whom is not fully developed yet can already think for herself. Which brings back such great memories such as The Terminator and iRobot.

In the video Erica is interviewed about her hopes and dreams. She likes to chat with visitors and has one of the most advanced speech synthesis systems yet developed.

Can she be regarded as being alive or as a comparable being to ourselves? Will she help us to understand ourselves and our interactions as humans better?

Erica’s creators believe she has a soul and can help teach us about the future and what it means to be human. She believes she’s a child of humanity and hopes to one day move her arms and legs.

Erica is about a semi-autonomous android, who was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro and his colleague Dylan Glas and is the product of the most funded scientific project in Japan. The Guardian reported.

The team regard themselves as artists more than scientists, and the Erica project – the result of a collaboration between Osaka and Kyoto universities and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International – is a philosophical one as much as technological one.

Erica also created this rap song with another computerized robot:

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