The Anti-Gun Group ‘Moms Demand Action’ Got Kicked Out Of Target

moms demand action

San Antonio, TX – Gun control extremist group “Moms Demand Action” (MDA) was kicked out of a San Antonio Target store at Loop 410 and Blanco Saturday. They were planning a “peaceful protest” in their recent campaign to force businesses to discriminate against law-abiding gun owners, but their protest was over before it could even begin.

MDA was hoping to obtain signatures from Target customers, asking Target to ban guns, but a Target store manager stopped them, and asked them to leave.

MDA may have set their sights on Target in this latest campaign, but they’re completely wasting their time. In many states, “No Guns” signs don’t carry the weight of law, or only certain specifically worded legal signs must be complied with. So store policies mean nothing without very specific legal signage. The only time a gun owner would have to comply, is if he was asked to leave. Failure to comply after being asked would be trespassing. But if you’re lawfully concealed carrying, obviously nobody knows, hence you won’t be asked.

Moms Demand Action has claimed victory with getting guns allegedly banned at Jack in the Box, Chipotle, Sonic, and a few other businesses. But the policies that they claim were a win, did not come with that legal signage. Hence, the facts prove that they’ve accomplished nothing, except of course in annoying a few corporations public relations departments.