Terrorists Team Up in Syria to Build Next Generation of Bombs


An alliance has been building inside war-ravaged Syria, with al Qaeda-linked terrorists there now working alongside hardened operatives from the prolific al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen to develop a new generation of bombs that could be smuggled aboard commercial planes, ABC News reported.

This potentially lethal partnership helps to explain why U.S. officials have so publicly expressed concern about thousands of Americans and other foreign fighters who joined terrorists in Syria, and it is at least part of what sparked a warning to airlines earlier this year to look out for explosives-laden toothpaste tubes, cosmetics and shoes.

The U.S. government had obtained intelligence that associates of an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria – the Al Nusrah Front – and extreme elements of other radical groups were being joined by operatives from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based group behind the failed underwear bomb plot on Christmas Day 2009 and the plot a year later to take down cargo planes over the United States with explosives packed into printer cartridges.

And the groups are jointly working to produce new and “creative” designs for nonmetallic explosives, leading U.S. analysts to believe that the group of radicals, who have worked with Al Nusrah Front, might be looking to target a U.S.- or European-bound plane, sources told ABC News.

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