Suspect Steals 72 pounds of Chicken and Stashes it at a Daycare

WILMINGTON, Del., July 1 (UPI) — Police in Delaware have arrested a man who is accused of stealing 72 pounds of frozen chicken from a delivery truck and placing the pilfered poultry at a day care.

Ronald Johnson allegedly took the chicken from a truck that was delivering to a grocery store in Wilmington on Friday and then attempted to hide the food at a nearby day care.

A day care employee saw the chicken stash and called police. They arrived and the chickens were returned to the driver of the delivery truck.

Later on, when the 49-year-old suspect returned for the birds, an employee confronted him. Johnson then allegedly slashed the employee on the back and hand with a steak knife.

After a brief foot chase, Johnson was taken into custody. He has been charged with second-degree assault, theft under $1,500, resisting arrest and offensive touching.