Superintendent issues apology for showing ‘Kids React to Gay Marriage’ video


The Janesville School District superintendent issued a public apology Tuesday for the showing of a video that she describes as pro-gay marriage and in violation of district policies requiring the presentation of all sides of “controversial” or “political” topics.

In April, Craig High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance showed “Kids React to Gay Marriage,” a 16-minute video of children reacting to marriage proposals between same-sex couples and sharing their thoughts on issues like gay marriage bans or whether they would stay friends with someone who told them they were gay.

Note: Notice that even some of the kids in the video that say it is ‘ok’ are saying it is ok, but their facial expressions are showing their true feelings of how they know something is wrong.

Bits of text flashed during the video offering viewers information about the history and status of gay marriage in the United States or about discrimination and hate crimes, among other things. Superintendent Karen Schulte said in a statement that the GSA’s advisers and principal Alison Bjoin approved students viewing the video during classes. But Schulte said a later review of the video prompted her apology.

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“The appropriate thing would be to present both sides of an issue or all sides of an issue, so that’s why I sent the apology, because I felt we did not follow board policy,” Schulte said in an interview. Schulte said the video was “very biased” and violated the school district’s policies on controversial and political issues because it did not offer a similar look at views in support of keeping marriage between men and women.