Student goes on stabbing rampage at a high school – injures 22


The 16 year old student Alex Hribal was identified by local stations confirming that he went on a stabbing spree knives at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville with two 8-to-10-inch blade, officials said. Four students were left in critical condition.

Twenty-two people were injured during the incident when the 16-year-old went on a rampage at a Pennsylvania high school, leaving five students in critical condition.

The sophomore allegedly brandished two large knives in the bloody attack as he ran between classrooms and down a hallway at the High School.


Witnesses said the boy, who was wearing a “blank expression” on his face, first tackled a freshman and stabbed him in the belly before getting up and running wildly down the hall, slashing other students.

Some democrats have mentioned that this should be a further reason for “gun control” even though no guns were involved.


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