Starbucks CEO’s Response to “Why Hire Refugees Over Americans” will Make Your Head Explode

Several different companies throughout history have jumped on the liberal bandwagon to chase a political ideology in the hopes to gain money and other assets. Most are seen for the ludicrousness that they are. Another one of those times just happened, again.

This past January CEO Howard Schultz directed Starbucks to announces its plan to hire 10,000 “refugees” in the United States and other countries after President Donald Trump issued his popular Executive Order putting a temporary moratorium on travel from a list of seven terror-torn countries.

The announcement came in the wake of President Donald Trump‘s executive order barring possible terrorists from seven predominately Muslim countries.

“We will neither stand by, nor stand silent, as the uncertainty around the new administration’s actions grows with each passing day,” Schultz said in a message to employees posted on the company’s website.

CEO Schultz announced the idea with no concerns of the discrimination or the hypocrisy surrounding the idea. Just imagine what the new starbucks application would look like.

Are you here illegally, from another country, or on the terrorist watch list? You’re hired! – Are you a natural born citizen who loves America? Sorry pal, this isn’t your place anymore. 

According to Young, millions of Americans have fallen out of the labor force since 2007. Schultz, being one of Hillary Clintons possible vice president picks, was in the spotlight, and most Americans saw this act for the liberal propaganda that it is.

The Starbucks’ new discriminatory policy caused a huge consumer pushback, and Starbucks brand name took a major hit among potential customers.

Perception levels of the Starbucks brand name fell by an incredible two-thirds since its January announcement, according to a YouGov survey, as reported by Yahoo Finance. The stock value dropped below $54 per share but has since recovered to $55.89.

It is not hard to understand why some are offended by Schultz’s anti-American hiring policy. The CEO is choosing to hire any Iraq refugee with no prior experience or education instead of a veteran, college student, senior citizen, or someone who came to the country legally.

But like all people who make dumb decisions, his rein of hate didn’t last long. Schultz was forced to answer for his actions at a shareholders meeting.

But when confronted about his company’s diminished value and why he promised to hire refugees over Americans, Schultz dodged the questions, then responded by saying his policy is “based on principle,” instead of politics.

“This is not about politics and there is no additional cost to Starbucks as a result of vetting. But when you do have people that have defended the nation and saved lives in very unsafe areas as interpreters helping American soldiers we strongly believe we have a moral obligation to help them transition back into the United States, thank you very much.”

Schltzs’ tried to twist his response by refusing to admit that his actions were in fact political, and to add insult he used the American military, whom most liberals openly hate, to try and persuade others into thinking that all refugees are somehow heros that protect the military. When in truth it is the American soldiers doing all the protecting.

Schultz continued his lies by saying that there’s “no evidence” that the move would negatively impact the company. Even though the facts state otherwise.

“I can unequivocally tell you…that there’s zero, absolutely no evidence whatsoever, that there’s any dilution in the Starbucks brand, reputation, or core business as a result of being compassionate,” Schultz said.

Breitbart news reported that Justin Danhof, a Starbucks shareholder, saw things differently.

Describing a March 22nd shareholders’ event, Danhof wrote in a press release:

This shareholder meeting was more of a validation of Howard Schultz’s liberal political agenda than a report to the company’s investors. Large portions were devoted to self-congratulation for promoting social justice than how the company is poised to differentiate its products in an increasingly competitive market.

Naturally, Schultz, who was on Hillary’s list of potential vice presidential candidates and was her pick to be Labor Secretary, sees himself as above such base things as partisan politics.

Hopefully this coming April when he steps down from his CEO position Starbucks will actually be above such base things as partisan politics, but until then we can only expect more of the anti-American dictatorship from the company.

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