“Skateboard Cop” on a mission in Green Bay, and Doing a Good Job

cool cop

Green Bay, WI (WFRV/CNN) – Meet “Skateboard Cop,” Officer Joel Zwicky.

Zwicky is not your typical cop, for starters, instead of harassing skaters, he’s shredding right next to them.

Instead of lobbying for more strict laws on skateboarding, he’s fighting to get restrictions lifted; and he’s successful at it.

“I think I’m the only one in the world who actually patrols with a skateboard,” Officer Zwicky said.

Officer Zwicky is earning super hero status in the community.

“When I’m out on the trails patrolling people, I get a lot of selfies with people and things like that,” Officer Zwicky said.

While he doesn’t sport tights or a cape…

“This is my official uniform. I’d love it if I could have something way cooler than this, but this will have to do,” Officer Zwicky said.

He does have the latest gadgets.

“Its got wider trucks, much bigger wheels,” Officer Zwicky said.

A ten year veteran of the force – “Skateboard Cop” – is happy to be out of the patrol car.

“It gets us more exercise, and it also helps us talk to people because the squad is kind of a barrier for us,” Officer Zwicky said.

He’s also trying to change stereotypes about the sport.

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