[Shocking Video] Person Ran Over, then clings to the back of the car for dear life

ran over

A reported hit-and-run wreck in Phoenix this week left a person clinging to the back bumper of a car that was involved as it took off from a central Phoenix record store according to AZ Central.

Phoenix police took a report on Wednesday of a hit and run at Zia Record Exchange near 19th Ave. and Camelback Rd., according to a spokesperson.

The man seen in the video was fighting with one of the people in the car.

The guy that was ran over broke a windshield before he was struck and carried away by the car, police said.

Officers said they responded to the scene but no one involved wanted to press charges.

Cellphone video that appeared to show the wreck and the person clinging to the bumper afterward emerged later in the week.

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