Senior Citizen Attacked on Video by Liberals for Wearing “Trump” Hat

Recently a mob of anti-American liberals showed up carrying clubs and other weapons to threaten and bully peaceful Trump sipporting Americans.

In the video one of the bullies threatens a 72 year old elderly man named Jim Templeton, telling him that he will piss and sh!t on the American flag and on him. After all what better way to protest than pooping on someone in public.

Jim Templeton doesn’t let it faze him, but out of nowhere one of the anti-American liberal bullies suddenly pulls out some pepper spray and sprays him, and others, in the eyes, leaving the senior citizen knocked on the ground.

The liberals are heard cheering of course. After all they do love to bully people. Mostly children and the elderly.

Good thing for the liberals that this wasn’t a pro gun rally or they might just get a taste of some good old self defense.

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