See what kind of ‘Extreme Form of Discipline’ a Mom and her Girlfriend used on a 6-Year-Old that Caused Police to Arrest them

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A mother and her girlfriend from Georgia put a 6-year-old boy in a tiny dog cage. They then poured syrup and cat litter on him and made him hold a brick over his head for an extended period of time, authorities said.

The Douglas County Sentinel reported, Crystal Jean Hostetter, 24, and her girlfriend Sarah Elizabeth McClain, told officials they were simply disciplining the child. Hostetter has been charged with felony cruelty to children and McClain is charged with cruelty to children and reckless conduct.

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The two women exploited the child’s psychological issues about him not liking “anything sticky” to torment him for two hours last Saturday.

“He doesn’t like anything that’s sticky. It just bothers him and the mother knows this,” Douglasville police sergeant Todd Garner told the Sentinel.

“She said that’s why they coated his hands and feet with syrup and put cat litter on him because as she said, ‘I knew it would bother him.’”

Police say witnesses heard the child screaming and reported the incident to the school.

Witnesses say that during the abuse, the child was heard asking the women, “Do you all love me?” At other times, he pleaded, “Please don’t kill me.”

“This extreme form of discipline was conducted on Saturday evening where witnesses saw this taking place and notified the school on Monday that they thought this was extreme and actually heard the child screaming … as they were pouring syrup on him and put him in the dog cage,” Garner said.


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