See What A Mob of Tolerant Feminists Did To These Christians


While a group of Catholic men were praying outside a cathedral, and protecting it from vandalism, they were attacked by a mob of topless feminists. It was absolute viciousness. The feminists spit on them and spray painted their crotches while shouting vulgar obscenities.

According to Sofia Vazquez-Mellado of Life Site News:

The feminists spray-painted the men’s crotches and faces. They had swastikas on their chests and foreheads, using markers to paint their faces with Hitler-like mustaches.

They also performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces, all the while shouting “get your rosaries out of our ovaries.”

According to InfoCatolica, some of the women chanted a song, with the lyrics: “To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.”

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During the attack some men were visibly weeping. None of them retaliated against the feminists as they heaped abuse on them.

Vazquez-Mellado also noted that the police that were present at this mob rally couldn’t intervene because “they were women.”

This isn’t the first time that feminists have decided to attack people. One could hope that these feminists would learn to make rational arguments without bullying and harassing those they disagree with in the future.

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