Reporting the News is Now Considered Racist


A group of black pastors are accusing a Nashville TV reporter of racism for asking questions about their support of Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn Funk.

The pastors also claim that a reporter asking questions is an attempt to intimidate them from participating in the political process WZTV reported.

“This voter intimidation tactic is disgusting,” said Reverend Enoch Fuzz of Corinthian Baptist Church. Church pastors are pointing the finger at this NewsChannel 5 reporter Phil Williams. “They want him fired,” said Fuzz. “They feel like his remarks are racist.”

A handful of local pastors, like Frank Stevenson, say the reporter asked them inappropriate questions such as “How could you afford to continually donate $6,000 to district attorney Glenn R. Funk to run for office?” and “Wouldn’t that have been better spent on your community?”

The article Channel 5 Action Latest Media Slur printed in the Tennessee Tribune detailed their greivances

“We were very concerned with the line of questioning relative to our participation in the political process,” said Stevenson. Williams is accused of calling black pastors who contributed to Funk’s campaign.

The Tennessee Tribune blasted Williams as racist for asking these questions, but NewsChannel 5 is backing its reporter saying the accusations are false. The pastors are now calling on a higher authority to decide.

“That’s why we’re glad we are able to ask the Department of Justice to be our advocate,” said Fuzz.

Luckily for the pastors, the guy they gave the money to, district attorney Fuzz, says they called the Department of Justice to investigate the situation in Davidson County and that the director of the Civil Rights Decision will be flying into town in April.