Radioactive Material Found In Car In A Local City

in car

A case of radioactive material that was supposed to be used at a construction site briefly set off a scare after it was found inside a car towed to a local pound, officials say.

Authorities began investigating a report of hazardous material inside a vehicle Monday afternoon after someone noticed a Pelican case with a radioactive label inside the car, the FDNY said.

A black Ford owned by Vincente Pena was towed from 403 West 48th Street near Ninth Avenue to the Pier 76 pound at West 38th Street and Twelfth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.

When he showed up to retrieve it about 3:30 p.m., Pena told workers that he had stowed a “soil density gauge” in the vehicle, and that the device contained some radioactive material.

Panicked pound workers called the FDNY.


The FDNY, hazmat teams and emergency service units responded, and tested the material and the vehicle. The material was properly taken care of, officials said.

The worker was not charged, but he will have to pay the ticket for the tow, officials said.