Racist Thugs are Riding Around Stealing Peoples Stuff on Video Screaming “Black Power”

Whether you like the confederate flag or not, that does not give you the right to steal, loot, or destroy other peoples things.

Racist bigoted people across America are going around stealing, not only confederate flags, but also the American flag from people and threatening them while screaming “black power.”

It is obvious the push to ban the confederate flag has nothing to do with the flag meaning “hate”.

Notice how they travel in a mob while they threaten and bully people. They try to rule with fear.

Regardless of how you feel about the flag the people that choose to fly the flag should have the right to do so.

After all, this is America. The land of the free.

The people going around stealing the flags and wanting to ban it are the real racist bigots.

It is obvious, all you have to do is sit back and watch.

But that’s what liberals do. They try to silence all others views and beliefs by bullying and hate. Yet they demand their views and beliefs be forced on everyone else.

Notice how they claim the confederate flag is “racist” yet they fly another countries flag and yell “black power”.

One day these criminals will run into someone with an open carry license that will choose to defend themselves against the hatred and bullying that comes from the racist left.

True tolerance would be for the people wanting to ban history to stop trying to ban history and stop bullying everyone with a different background than them.

But hey, that’s what liberals do. They bully you.