Protesters Block Bus Full Of Illegal Aliens From Being Dumped in CA.

protesters stop bus

July 2 2014 wed-Protesters turn back busloads of illegal immigrants, as border stations overwhelmed

America’s border crisis reached Main Street, as flag-waving protesters in a San Diego suburb turned back three busloads of illegal immigrants after the town’s mayor warned Tuesday that federal officials were using the community as a safety valve for facilities swamped by a tide of Central American refugees.

Fears of disease, crime and already-strained government services prompted Murrieta, Calif., Mayor Alan Long to rally residents against plans by the Department of Homeland Security to bus the children and families to a processing center in the city of 106,000 residents. Confronted by the protests, the buses were rerouted to San Diego.

“These people are fleeing a less desirable area — we all understand that, we’re compassionate for that, but those are concerns,” Long told Fox News. “We’ve asked a lot of questions, we wanted to make sure no stone went unturned so that we had certainty on what exactly we were getting. And when you start asking about the health screening that they claim they get — there’s a lot of gaps. They could not answer a lot of questions we had to give us certainty that the people on those buses were healthy.”